Kenzototo: Electronics Unplugged Understanding the Basics for Beginners

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In this modern era, electronics have become an integral part of our daily lives. From the smartphones we hold to the smart devices in our homes, the influence of electronics permeates nearly everything. However, sometimes it's crucial to revert to the basics, understanding how electronics function without relying on sophisticated modern devices. This is where the concept of "Electronics Unplugged" comes into play. 

  • Kenzototo The Future of Electronics Electric current is the flow of electrons through a conductor such as a wire. It forms the basis of all electrical circuits

  • Voltage is the difference in potential between two points in an electrical circuit. It drives electric current through the circuit

  • A resistor is an electronic component used to limit the flow of current in a circuit

  • A capacitor stores electric charge and releases it back into the circuit when required

  • An inductor produces a magnetic field when current passes through it, which can be used to store energy in a circuit